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I don't think my meter readings are right – what can I do to check?

Has a sudden change in your bills made you think your meter isn't showing the right reading?

This could be a sign that there's a problem with your meter. But it's a good idea to rule out other, more common, causes first.

Do any these statement apply to you:

  • I have more (or less) people living with me now
  • My home was empty for a while
  • I'm spending more (or less) time at home
  • I gave a meter reading – the first in quite a while
  • I have new appliances or a new heating system
  • I'm using my appliances more (or less) now
  • I've use the heating more – it's been particularly cold outside

Did any of these statement apply to you? If they did, the sudden change to your bill is more likely to have been caused by a change in your energy use.

Did none of these statement apply to – or do you still think your meter is giving faulty readings? Please get in touch, and we'll help sort out the problem.