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Meters and meter readings

My meter is running as an Economy 7 meter (I pay two electricity rates)...

How to read an Economy 7 electricity smart meter with white buttons (one says 'Reconnect')

About your smart meter reading

Normally, a smart meter sends us your readings automatically. So please only give us a reading if we've asked you to do this.

If we've asked you for a reading, please take it from the meter itself – not your in-home display. Your meter is usually on a wall or board; your in-home display either plugs into a socket or runs on batteries.

It looks like you have a have a EDMI MK10 meter. Follow these steps to read the two rates on your smart electricity meter:

  1. Press 'Display' button (sometimes this is called 'Display select') to wake up the screen
  2. Press 'Display' a few more times until you see numbers in front of 'KWH'
  3. Write down these numbers – this is your Rate 1 reading
  4. Press 'Display' again to see another row of numbers in front of 'KWH'
  5. Write down these numbers – this is your Rate 2 reading
Tips to read your meter

Read the numbers from left to right; ignore any zeroes at the beginning and any numbers after the decimal point.

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