How to fix a problem with your prepayment gas card

Here are a couple of simple fixes for a gas prepayment card that's not working:

  1. Check your receipt
    You'll need to try topping up again if your receipt it says 'Cancelled' or 'Failed'. If the machine at your usual top-up outlet isn't working, you will need to find another Payzone, PayPoint or Post Office outlet.
  2. Clean your card
    Give the electronic strip on your gas card a wipe with a clean, dry cloth – then try again.

You don't need your card to top up! You can also add credit to your meter by:

  • Logging to myAccount or on the EDF app
  • 24/7 telephone line 0333 009 7111(1)
  • At your local PayPoint retailer, you will need your top up ID

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If you didn't have any luck with the quick-fixes above ask us for a new card. You'll usually get you new card within five working days.

Need a new card in a hurry?
Get in touch – we might be able to arrange for you to pick one up at your local top-up outlet.

Are you seeing an error message on your meter?
Get in touch – but make sure you can get to your meter when you do, as we'll need to ask you a few questions.

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  1. Calls to UK-wide numbers are included in any inclusive call plan you may have. If you don’t have an inclusive call plan, calls are charged at a national rate. Please check with your service provider if you’re unsure.

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