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Here's some general advice about how to read a smart electricity meter

Normally, a smart meter sends us your readings automatically. So please only give us a reading if we've asked you to do this.

If we have asked you for a reading, please take it from the meter itself – not your in-home display. Your meter is usually on a wall or board; your in-home display either plugs into a socket or runs on batteries.

As each type of smart meter has its own way to take a reading, the best thing to do is press the buttons to scroll through the screens.

You're looking for a screen with a row numbers in front of the letters 'KWH'. This is your meter reading.

Once you've found the right screen, read the numbers from left to right. Ignore any zeroes at the beginning and any numbers after the decimal point.

If you pay two electricity rates (e.g. Economy 7), you might see both readings on the same screen – or you might have to scroll to another screen to get your second reading.