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Getting a smart meter

We’re rolling out smart meters to EDF customers across the country, and aim to give all EDF customers a smart meter by 2025.

The easiest way to see if you can get one yet – and book your installation – is to go to 'Smart meters' in MyAccount.

Book your installation

Getting a smart meter doesn't necessarily mean your bills will go down. But it can help you to manage your energy, because your smart in-home display shows you:

  • how much energy you're using, as you're using it
  • how much your energy is costing you in pounds and pence

This gives you more control of what you spend, and allows you to make decisions that will help reduce your bills.

Get in touch(1) to discuss your requirements. You can also find more about the smart meter support we can give to customers with special requirements in MyAccount.

Smart meters use mobile networks, not broadband connections. So you don't need broadband at home for a smart meter to work.

Each smart meter contains its own SIM card, and sends data over a mobile GSM network – so it doesn't use your mobile phone's data.

Yes, you can. Having a smart meter won't affect your Warm Home Discount.

It won't. Your feed-in tariff won't change in any way if you opt for a smart meter.

A lot of people are choosing to switch to a smart meters. They like to see exactly how much energy they're spending in pounds and pence – it helps them manage their energy spend!

But the only time you have to get a smart meter, is if it's part of your tariff's terms and conditions; or if your existing meter is past it's 'best-before date'.

We're installing smart meters as part of a national government programme to replace older energy meters. All energy suppliers must aim to install smart meters in every home in Great Britain. The Smart Energy GB website explains the government’s rollout plan.