When do I give a final meter reading when I move home?

We'll help you with your final meter readings when you tell us you're moving out.

It's generally best to give us your final meter reading on the day you stop being responsible for your home.

Don't worry if you can't manage on the day. You'll get another five days to submit your reading. After that, we'll have to send you an estimated final bill.

But stay safe! Please get in touch if you can't read your meter safely.

Have a prepayment or smart Pay As You Go meter? You don't need to give a final meter reading.


Tell us you're moving

Go to 'Move Home' in MyAccount to tell us you're moving. Do this up to 14 days before your move, or up to 90 days after it.

Tell us you're moving


Do I give a final meter reading when I change supplier?

You don't give a final meter reading when you change supplier.

You just need to give your new supplier an opening meter reading – and they share that information with us.

This way, your final meter reading with us is the same as your opening meter reading with your new supplier.

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