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Can I take my current tariff to my new home?

It's sometimes possible to keep your current tariff when you move home. The two key things you need to do are:

  • Tell us you're moving out – before you move!
  • Give us your moving in details – you'll need details of the new property you're moving into

You can do all this in MyAccount up to 14 days before you move. Visit 'Moving Home' and work through the steps to kick off the process.

Not registered with MyAccount? Don't worry – you can contact us instead.

Go to Moving Home

When you can't take your tariff with you

Sometimes you won't get the option to take your tariff with you. This might be because:

  • You've already moved out
  • You current tariff isn't suitable for the type of meter at your new home
  • Your current tariff is due to end within the next 30 days

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