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Budget and manage your gas spend with your prepayment meter (not smart)

A traditional gas prepayment meter (not smart) can help you manage your energy spend:

  • Choose when you top up, and how much to spend each time – so there are no unexpected bills to worry about
  • Set a limit on the amount of credit you spend at one time – so you can save the rest for later (only available with some meter types)

Budget function

Does your gas prepayment meter have a black button on it? If so, you can set a limit on the amount of credit you spend in one go.

How it works:

1. Top up your card in the usual way, and put it into your meter
2. Press the black budget button, until you see the amount of credit you're happy to spend (press it once to release £1 of credit; twice for £2; and so on)
3. Once you've used up this credit, your gas supply will stop

To get your gas started again, just take out your card and put it back into your meter.