Add smart PAYG credit manually with a UTRN – using a Chameleon 3 in-home display

See how you can add your credit manually via your Chameleon 3 in-home display.

Your credit normally gets added to your meter within about an hour of topping up.

Can't wait that long, or it's been more than an hour? You can add your credit manually by entering your Unique Transaction Record Number (UTRN) into your Chameleon 3 in-home display.

How it works:

  1. Press Menu and scroll through to find ‘Apply Top Up Code’ and press ‘OK’
  2. Use arrows to scroll through the numbers and press ‘OK’ to select the number
  3. When you have entered all the numbers press ‘OK’
  4. 'Top up Sent’ message and then ‘Top up Accepted’ appears on the screen

Credit still not loaded?

Try moving your in-home display closer to your meter; or add your URTN directly to your meter.

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