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Smart Pay As You Go Meter

I have an in-home display...


Which meter are you having trouble adding credit to?


Add smart PAYG credit manually with a UTRN – through your Secure electricity meter

Your credit normally gets added to your smart Pay As You Go meter within about an hour of topping up.

Can't wait that long, or it's been more than an hour? You can add your credit manually by entering your Unique Transaction Record Number (UTRN) into your Secure electricity meter.

How it works

  1. On the meter key pad press button A, screen will show ‘Vend Mode’, press button number 1
  2. Screen will show Vend Mode ‘enter token’
  3. Enter UTRN using number buttons. If you need to go back, use button A
  4. Screen will show if accepted or rejected. If it fails, a reason will be shown
  5. Re-try UTRN
  6. Next screen shows monetary amount added