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Understanding your energy bills and payment options

Man and women looking at their energy bill

Understanding your bills

Learn more about different methods to pay your bills. Understand why your bill is high and what you can do to avoid it. 

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Finding the best way to pay for you

There are lots of different ways to pay your gas and electricity bills. Find out which method suits you best.

Struggling to pay your bill?

EDF Energy is experienced in helping you to work out ways to pay that won't overstretch your budget.


Digital Meter

How to read your meter

Your meter tells us how much electricity or gas you’ve used and helps us to give you accurate energy bills. Reading your meter is easy once you know how. Use our simple instructions to find out how your meter works.

What makes up your bill?

When you receive your energy bill, only around half of it pays for the energy itself – known as wholesale costs. The rest covers delivering energy to your home, government schemes such as smart meters, and keeping your account running smoothly. 

Peace of mind with Pay As You Go

EDF Energy's Pay As You Go lets you keep control of your energy costs. A prepayment meter allows you to pay for your gas and electricity as you use it, so there are no meter readings or bills.

Save money and time with Direct Debit

Sign up to Direct Debit and you'll know exactly what you’re paying for your energy every month of the year. It’s better value too, because you’ll either get a lower unit rate.