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Why is my data missing in Energy Hub?

Your smart meter can lose connection from time to time, just like a mobile phone. It tends to happen when something is interfering with the signal, for example a wall or large object, or when we're working on essential system updates at our end. Rest assured we're trying to get your smart meter back up and running.

Can I do anything to get my smart meter working again?

You don't need to do anything - in most cases your meter will reconnect and send us readings as soon as it's back online. Our system normally lets us know when there's any issues and our smart meter experts will be working hard to get your smart meter reconnected as soon as possible. 

It's been over 30 days and I still can't see my data 

Sorry about this. In some cases it can be quite tricky to resolve the issue and we might not be able to remotely reconnect to your smart meter as quickly as we would like. We’ll be in touch if we need anything from you.

I'm having issues with my Smart Pay As You Go meter 

You can get help with your Smart Pay As You Go meter here.

Why haven't you connected my gas smart meter? 

If we couldn't get your gas smart meter connected on the day of its installation, we aim to get you connected within three weeks. You can find out more about the status of your meter and what we're doing to resolve any issues in the 'Smart meters' section in MyAccount.

I've recently switched to EDF or had a smart meter installed

Sorry, we can’t show you data from before you switched to EDF or had your smart meter installed. We don’t have the meter readings we need to show you this data, so you’ll see ‘missing readings’ in your Energy Hub for this time.