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Why isn’t my gas smart meter connected yet?

We're sorry we couldn't get your gas smart meter up and running straight away. During the installation, one of two connection issues caused the problem: 

1.    We couldn't connect your electricity and gas meters to the national smart meter network. Low signal strength, a systems update or even bad weather could have blocked the connection at the time of your installation.
2.    We couldn't connect your gas meter to your electricity meter. This needs to happen as your gas meter sends its readings via your electricity meter.

What happens in the meantime? 

The installation issue is preventing your meter readings from getting to us automatically, but your gas meter will still be accurately recording how much gas you use in the normal way. 

We know it's frustrating, but rest assured our smart meter team are working away in the background to get you connected remotely. If there is anything we need from you to get your gas meter connected we’ll be in touch.