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Why has my energy use changed?

You can easily see when your energy use goes up and down in your Energy Hub. But the big question is why has it changed – and can you do anything about it.

Here are some of the key factors that can affect your energy use:


Seasonal change is one of the biggest factors to affect your energy use. In the winter months, your energy use will go up for several reasons:

  • You tend to stay in more when it's rainy and cold.
  • Your heating goes on to keep warm.
  • Your lights are on longer, as the days grow shorter.
  • You might watch more TV or be on your home entertainment devices more.
  • You're more likely to cook roasts and stews, which use more energy to prepare than a salad.

These trends go into reverse as winter moves into spring and summer.


If you see any unexpected changes in your energy use, have a think about any recent lifestyle changes. For instance, your energy use is likely to change if you've recently:

  • started working from home
  • changed your TV-watching habits
  • taken up a gym membership (so shower less at home)
  • followed energy-saving advice from Energy Hub.

Heating and insulation

The efficiency of your heating and insulation will have a major effect on your winter energy bills. For instance, the following actions could cut your energy use:

  • you've had a new boiler installed
  • you've had your boiler serviced
  • you've improved your loft, wall, window or door insulation.

Anything that adversely affects the efficiency of your boiler or insulation will cause your energy use to rise.

Home improvements

Have you recently extended your property, built another room in the loft, or installed new outdoor lighting? Any extra heating or lighting that you add into your home will affect your energy use.

Number of people

The energy you use as a household is likely to change if the number of people you live with goes up or down.

Different devices

The efficiency and size of your appliances will affect your energy use. For instance, your energy use can go up if you buy a bigger TV or get your first tumble dryer. It can go down if you invest in more efficient appliances like an A+ dishwasher or washing machine.

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