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Who can get the Warm Home Discount?

There are two groups eligible for the Warm Home Discount, Core Group 1 and Core Group 2

Core Group 1 was called Core Group in previous years. The eligibility criteria remains exactly the same this year. you'll need to receive the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit, and have a live electricity supply with us on the qualification date of 21 August 2022.

Core Group 2 replaces the Broader Group (Warm Home Discount - Support Plus) from previous scheme years. To qualify for the Warm Home Discount payment, you'll need to receive one of the following benefits, and have a live electricity supply with us on the qualification date of 21 August 2022:

Income Support; Income-based Jobseekers Allowance; Income-related Employment & Support Allowance; Housing Benefit; Universal Credit; Child Tax Credit; Working Tax Credits; Pension Credit Savings Credit (PCSC). Plus, your home must meet the new ‘high energy cost’ rules .

If you are eligible to receive the rebate the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will write to you between November 2022.

When will I receive the WHD rebate? 

If you live in England or Wales, we aim to make payments to all eligible customers from November 2022 to March 2023. 

I have a credit meter. How will I get the warm home discount?

We’ll add a credit to your account and it will show up on your next bill.

Where can I redeem my Warm Home Discount voucher?

You can redeem your voucher at any Post Office branch. Find your nearest branch.

My Warm Home Discount voucher isn’t working. What should I do?

If your voucher isn’t working, get in touch by calling us on 0333 009 7020(1)

You’ll also need to get in touch if your meter has changed to a Smart Pay As You Go meter. This is so we can arrange to apply the rebate to your meter.

Can I use my Warm Home Discount voucher if I have a Smart Pay As You Go meter?

No, You won’t be able to use your voucher if you have a Smart Pay As You Go meter, but you’ll still be able to get your rebate. Get in touch with us and we’ll arrange to apply the rebate to your meter.

I have a prepayment meter. Can I split the £150 between my gas and electricity?

The £150 will be credited to your EDF meter key or card in one transaction. The Warm Home Discount Scheme applies to electricity bills. If you want the discount to apply to your gas bill instead, then you need to let us know on 0333 009 7020 before we apply it to your electricity meter.

When can I contact the DWP to check my eligibility?

If you have not received a letter from the DWP by early January 2023 but you think you should be eligible, please check the governemnt website, which will include an online tool for checking your eligibility and information on how to contact the helpline.

The helpline opens from the 14 November 2022. The helpline will close to new claims on 28 February 2023. 

I qualified last year, why don't I qualify now?

Core Group 1:
If there has been a change in your circumstances, you may no longer be eligible under Core Group 1. For instance, if you (or your partner) are no longer in receipt of the Pension Credit Guarantee Credit. 

Core Group 2:
The Government replaced the Broader Group (Support Plus) with Core Group 2, which has a different eligibility criteria. If you received the WHD as part of the Broader Group (Support Plus) last year, you may find that you are no longer eligible for the WHD as part of Core Group 2 this year. The eligibility criteria can be found here 

I can’t see my Warm Home Discount rebate on my Smart Pay As You Go meter but I’ve had notification to say it’s been applied. What should I do?

Enter your Unique Transfer Reference Number (UTRN) on your meter. If we have a mobile number for you, we’ll have sent this to you as an SMS. You can also find it in MyAccount.

Find out how to enter your UTRN into your meter.

If you can’t access your UTRN or if your rebate still isn’t showing after you enter it, then get in touch with us on 0333 009 7020(1)

Who will give me my Warm Home Discount if I change supplier?

The rebate will be paid by the energy company who supplied your electricity on the 21 August 2022.

Bear in mind that not all suppliers are part of the Warm Home Discount Scheme. They might have different deadlines or criteria for deciding who gets a discount. You can check which suppliers are part of the scheme.

If I have not received a letter and I believe I am eligible, what should I do?

If you believe you should be eligible for the Warm Home Discount but have not received a letter confirming your eligibility by early January 2023, please check the government webite for more information about the scheme.

I live in the borders; how will I know if I am eligible in England & Wales or Scotland?

To see if your postcode is a Scottish address, you can use the Scottish Postcode Directory (SPD) | National Records of Scotland (nrscotland.gov.uk). DWP use this database for determining Scottish postcodes for the Core Groups. It is better to use the full postcode to check where you may be eligible.  


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