How does Energy Hub work out my energy costs?

Total energy costs

The costs shown in Energy Hub include the cost of energy, any standing charges and VAT.

Once we know how much energy you're using, we can use a simple sum to work out how much this costs:

Units of energy used (in kWh) X Unit cost of energy = Cost of energy

Energy Hub then builds in your standing charges and VAT to give you a detailed picture of your energy spend.

Any figures shown in Energy Hub are provided for the purpose of understanding and managing your consumption, it is not intended as a replacement for your bill. To see your latest bill please see the 'My bills and payments' page.

Energy Breakdown costs

Our mathematical model works out your Energy Breakdown, based on your meter readings, Energy Profile and other factors, like the time of day and weather. We can then work out how much that energy costs, based on your tariff rates.

Although your breakdown isn't 100% accurate, it will give you a personalised illustration of the energy you're using around the home on things like lighting, heating and cooking.

Energy Hub will continue to evolve as the technology changes, so that we can give you the most accurate information about your energy use as possible.

** For customers viewing their half hourly Energy Trends or Energy Breakdown data prior to June 2021, a national industry issue caused consumption values shown in these features to be twice as high as they should have been. Our partners at the DCC (the industry body which underpins the smart meter network) rectified the issue in June 2021 but values prior to this may still be affected. The issue is limited to customers with a 1st Generation Smart Meter now supported by the DCC. Note this does not affect your bill, as daily register, rather than half hourly, reads are used. **

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