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How does Energy Hub work out my Energy Breakdown?

We can give you a detailed illustration of your energy use – and how it changes over time – thanks to our clever mathematical model. The model creates your monthly Energy Breakdown from your meter readings and other data sources. And the more readings it gets, the more accurate it becomes.

How we work out your Energy Breakdown


Your energy use 
Your meter readings tell us exactly how much energy you use, when you use it, and how this changes over time – this creates a unique energy fingerprint for your home. 


Your Energy Profile
You gave us the basic information we need about your home (property type, bedrooms, people) and energy use (heating and cooking fuel type).


Your local weather
We adjust your Energy Breakdown according to your local weather – for instance, we know you're using more energy to heat your home when it's cold.


Our research
Ten years of research across thousands of households has told us how British people use their energy and household appliances – including in homes like yours in your area!


Our mathematical model 
The model uses data from your meter, Energy Profile, local weather forecasts and our research to work out how you're using energy around the home. For instance, it estimates your standby and refrigeration costs by looking at your night-time energy use; and your cooking and home entertainment costs by looking at your day-time energy spikes. 

The accuracy of your breakdown depends on you keeping your Energy Profile up to date. So please remember to let us know of any relevant changes.

Create or update your Energy Profile