Powervault 3 battery technical specification

Powervault 3 is designed and assembled in the UK. It's been designed specifically to store solar energy or off-peak electricity in either residential or commercial premises. It’s compatible with all solar systems and is quick and easy to install. As well as a battery, the Powervault 3 includes a hybrid solar  inverter so when your existing inverter fails, the Powervault 3 will step in, saving you the cost of replacing one.  

Battery type and chemistryLithium-polymer (Li-MNC)
Usable capacities4.1kWh8.2kWh
Usable inverter rating4.6kW5.5kW
Available with EDF Energy grid services
DimensionsH: 90cm; W: 98cm; D: 25cmH: 120cm; W: 98cm; D: 25cm
Warranty 10 years

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Installation is included as part of the package we offer. This covers all the work we need to do for the average domestic installation. As part of the pre-installation process we'll ask you for photos of the proposed location and the fuse box. If we see from these that any additional work is required, we'll quote you for those before you commit. 

The Powervault 3 can be installed in most internal locations, such as garage, utility room, basement or under the stairs. It's not suitable for external locations and we don't recommend installing it in loft spaces. Powervault 3 will be floor mounted and fixed to the wall for stability. It'll need to be connected to the internet at all times. See the installation guide and additional works price list

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Garage with car and Powervault 3

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Powervault portal on iPad

As part of the installation we'll set up your Powervault Portal, which enables you to see your solar generation, battery charge and discharge and energy usage on daily basis. 

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If you have any other questions about Powervault 3 or installation requirements, please complete the call back form and our Tech Team will call you back. Please note they're unable to advise you on anything to do with your EDF Energy account or tariffs.

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