Why buy battery storage from us?

With Powervault 3 battery storage you can be part of the energy system of the future by linking to our grid services. Store cheap grid energy for when you need it or give energy back when demand’s high. Plus store your own solar energy to use when the sun isn’t shining. What's more, your existing feed-in-tariff payments remain unaffected.

Choose the Powervault 3 battery with EDF Energy grid services and get an exclusive discount of over £1,500 on a 4kWh package or over £2,000 on a 8kWh one. Our price is all-inclusive with:

  • Battery

  • Standard installation

  • Grid services

  • Powervault Portal to view your savings wherever you are. 

Why choose a Powervault 3 for your battery storage?

The Powervault 3 is compatible with all solar PV systems and lets you use more of your solar generation when you need it. It's not limited to just daylight hours, saving you more on your energy bills. It comes with a hybrid solar inverter, which can replace your old one now or be ready for switch over when your old one fails, saving you the replacement cost of that too. 

If you're on a time-of-use tariff, such as Economy 7, you could save even more on your bills by charging on cheap overnight electricity. And the easy-to-use customer portal gives you full visibility of how much you’re saving on a day-by-day basis.

Which package is right for me?

We offer the Powervault 3 with and without the EDF Energy grid services.

Right now, when the electricity grid runs short of capacity during peak periods, extra power can be generated but usually not in the cleanest or greenest way. Conversely, when there's excess renewable generation, demand can't be increased, which leads to wasted energy.

This is why we're building a network of small-scale batteries to help balance the peaks and troughs of energy production and customer demand for energy. In return for helping balance the grid for ten years, we’re offering a substantial upfront discount off the retail price of the battery.

You can also purchase Powervault 3 at full retail price and opt out of the grid services.

 With Grid ServicesWithout Grid Services
Battery capacity4.1kWh8.2kWh4.1kWh8.2kWh
Price incl. VAT & discounts where appropriate£3,299£4,999£4,859£7,059

Grid services discount

Standard installation included
Personal usage tracker
Personal usage tracker
Hybrid solar inverter included
10 year warranty
10 year grid services

How do I get a Powervault 3 battery?

Step 1

Choose your package, pay deposit or the full amount online. Alternatively, leave your details and we'll call you. 

Step 2

We'll contact you to confirm installation details and take balance payment if required. The installation will normally happen within four to eight weeks.

Step 3

A standard installation should take just a few hours. 

Power your daily life with your new solar battery

Store your excess solar energy for when you need to use it - not just during daylight hours. 

Charge on cheap overnight electricity if you're on a time of use tariff, such as Economy 7.

Save money on your energy bill and continue to receive your feed-in tariff payments as before.

Help balance the grid via our grid services.

Your questions answered

Who can I talk to about technical details?

Our Tech Team are on hand to talk through technical details and answer your questions. You can request a call back from them by filling in this short form

Is this a time-limited offer?

Although there's no closing date for this offer, we can remove it at any time. 

Who will install my battery and how long does it take?

Powervault 3 expert installers will do all the work. A standard installation usually takes a few hours. If you have specific needs then our experts will discuss these with you and if there are any additional works required they will confirm the cost ahead of final payment.

What’s a suitable location for the Powervault 3?

The Powervault 3 can be installed in most internal locations, such as garage, utility room, basement or under the stairs. It's not suitable for external locations and we don't recommend installation in loft spaces. Powervault 3 will be floor mounted and fixed to the wall for stability. Your Powervault 3 will need to be connected to the internet at all times. See the installation guide for more details.

Will I see any change to my energy bill?

If you currently export excess solar generation you will be able to store this for use later when the sun is not shining. This in turn will reduce the amount of energy you draw from the grid and, therefore, reduce your electricity bill. If you have Economy7 tariff, you can charge up your Powervault 3 on cheap overnight rate electricity and use it during the higher rate hours. How much you save on your energy bill will depend on your individual solar PV system and energy usage pattern.

Will I notice anything different when EDF Energy is accessing my battery for grid services?

You may notice the battery charging when the sun isn’t shining or discharging when your house is not consuming a lot of electricity. 

What is standard installation?

Our price includes a standard installation of your Powervault 3 battery. This means no extra work is needed - this could be running extra connections, drilling, etc. Our standard installation requirements are detailed below. 

What's included in a standard installation?

Our price includes all of the following:

  • 4kWh or 8kWh battery - as chosen by you
  • Remote survey using information and pictures of the site you send us
  • Full installation and commissioning, including registration on the Powervault 3 customer portal
  • Testing and confirming Powervault 3 is operating in line with its technical specifications
  • Demonstration of your battery and customer portal.

Installation is available in mainland UK and Isle of Wight. We currently don't install in Scottish Highlands and Islands, Northern Ireland, Channel Island, Isle of Man or Isles of Scilly. 

You can view full standard installation details here. 

What are standard installation requirements?

Here are the Powervault 3 location requirements: 

  • Need to be indoors: utility room, hallway, garage, or basement. We don't recommend installation in the loft or high humidity spaces.
  • Floor/wall must withstand the weight of Powervault 3.
  • Easily accessible and should not involve any clearing, tidying or work that involves the unreasonable preparation of the location for installation. Check the dimensions of the Powervault 3 to ensure it will fit in your desired location and permit air flow to/from the chassis. Nothing should cover or seal the air grilles.
  • Must be within a wiring distance of 10 metres from the fuse box and the incoming electricity meter.
  • Must permit a simple wire route from Powervault 3 to the fuse box. It shouldn't require drilling through walls or routing through more than one room
  • The location must have an accessible internet supply, which Powervault 3 can connect to via Ethernet, Powerline or Wi-Fi.

If extra work is required, you’ll be quoted for these ahead of your final payment.

If you have a query about these standard installation requirements or are unsure about the suitability of your home, please leave your details on the call back form and we will be in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Will I need a site survey?

Included within the standard installation package is a remote, off-site survey using information and images you email us. If, for whatever reason, we can't establish the extent of the works required to install the Powervault 3 system, we may need to send an installer to do a survey in person. There’s a one-off charge of £150 (inc. VAT) for this service.

Does installing a battery affect my feed-in tariff payments?

No. You continue to receive your feed-in tariff payments in full.

What are the dimensions of the batteries?

The 4.1kWh battery is: H90cm x W98cm x D25cm.

And the 8.2kWh battery is: H120cm x W98cm x D: 25cm.

Do I have to replace my existing inverter now?

No. The Powervault 3 can be installed in different configurations either replacing your old inverter now, or leaving the new one ready for when your old one fails. Switching to the new inverter later will involve a small amount of work from a qualified electrician (and associated cost), but save you the cost of the new inverter later. Our Tech Team will talk you through the options.

I’m not currently on a E7 meter or tariff, can I switch?

You need to talk to your energy supplier as there are regulations about switching to E7 meters. Even if you are not on E7, you should still be able to make substantial savings by storing your solar generation for storage later in the day.

I have a smart meter, does this have any impact on installation of a battery?

Having a smart meter doesn’t have any impact on the installation of the battery itself. OFGEM have also confirmed that customers with solar PV + battery + smart meter would receive deemed export feed-in-tariff payments. They are in the process of updating their published guidance on this matter. Talk to your feed-in-tariff provider if you have more questions about this matter.

Talk to an expert

If you have any other questions about Powervault 3 or installation requirements, please complete the call-back form below and our Tech Team will call you back. Please note they're unable to advise you on anything to do with your EDF Energy account or tariffs. 

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