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Ground-breaking project LEO launched

By EDF | Posted April 04, 2019

The EDF Energy R&D UK team is excited to announce the launch of the ground-breaking Local Energy Oxfordshire (LEO) project.

LEO is a local demonstrator to test the local energy market across Oxfordshire, allowing more integration of local renewable energies to support the distribution network infrastructure, and develop innovative and flexible energy systems for heat, transport and electricity uses. This new local market will integrate the best optimisation of the local energy demand, community energy project developments opportunities, renewable energy resources mapping and development, the development of a neutral platform collecting the infrastructure constraints and connecting with the market platforms providing flexibility.  

Led by Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks, the project will be applied on the land of the local authorities Oxfordshire County Council and Oxford City Council. LEO will be leveraging on the community energy projects of the Low Carbon Hub for the application of the new energy market and business models. Various flexibility partners (Piclo, Origami, Nuvve) will work on the development of a market platform and Brookes and Oxford Universities will bring their expertise in planning and mapping the resources and constraints in the region.

EDF Energy R&D UK Centre will work closely with all these partners both on the definition of the best energy planning and on the development of the market platform to enable various flexibility (electric vehicles, smart heating system and electric demand response). Through this project, EDF Energy aims at preparing the best future for our customers and be an active enabler of a low carbon and resilient local development in the UK. This first trial will benefit to up to 270,00 homes and 35,000 businesses, as well as 5 high-end Science Parks.

It is one of the biggest funded projects involving EDF Energy R&D UK Centre, totalling more than £40 million through a public grant of £14m and private sector funding. This project will run for three years from 2019 to 2021.

So, what will LEO bring to EDF Energy? LEO will bring key learnings for EDF Energy on the impact and value of the development of local energy markets for the local residents, businesses and infrastructure operator. This will complement other demonstrators EDF Energy R&D has developed for smart grids, local flexibility, electric mobility and local multi energy systems. Thanks to its large scale and integrated scope, LEO will allow to give insight on future real local energy markets and feedback from all the stakeholders on board.

Director of EDF Energy R&D Xavier Mamo has commented: “EDF Energy is delighted to be part of Project LEO to demonstrate and establish the benefits of local energy markets. By enabling local energy demand optimisation, renewable energy integration and flexibility provision from distributed resources, local energy platforms are well positioned to deliver value for local communities and grid operators, while ensuring the transition to a low carbon electric future.”