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How to keep your home and family safe with smart technology

By Marta Moses | Posted March 14, 2019

It's important to keep our homes and our loved ones safe – and now it's easier to get peace of mind and secure your home with assistive technology, smart home monitoring systems and smart tech products. 

Whether you're caring for an elderly parent and want to know they're well, need to keep an eye on your children or pets, or just want to up the security of your property, there's a smart product to help you!

Howz – assistive technology

Making sure your relative is safe while you’re away, at work, or simply living apart is a huge concern for many of us. You want to know they’re well and safe when you’re not with them. So wouldn't a monitoring system for the elderly in the home be useful?

For those caring for an elderly parent in their home or just for those of us that need the reassurance, there’s Howz. This is an unobtrusive way to know how your relative is doing – without the use of cameras in the home.

Howz is a smart home monitoring system. It learns someone’s routine by using discreet sensors around the house and connecting to plug sockets of frequently-used items like toasters or kettles.  

These sensors link up to an app – from which family members can view the activity and see any alerts. It will notify you if there’s a change in routine which could signal something is wrong. Log into the app any time of day and you can see their normal routine taking place – giving you peace of mind and making them feel safer. 

Smart cameras 

There are two types of smart cameras: indoor and outdoor. Both are super useful for home monitoring but for different reasons.


The indoor camera links to an app – so you can log in any time and see what’s going on in your home. This means you can check your home whenever you need – whether you want to see your children are home or just to make sure all is well. If a break in did occur the system would alert you via an app enabling you to deal with the situation. 


Similar to the indoor camera, you can log into the outdoor camera app at any time and check your home. The outdoor camera monitors the outside of your home and surrounding area – you can set up alerts to monitor the surroundings of your home.

Smart doorbell

On holiday or at work? If someone rings your doorbell you can see who it is and speak to them. This can deter any potential intruders or just be super useful if you don't want to leave the sofa!

Smart pet cameras

Do you worry about your dog when you're at work? Then Furbo can help! This is a camera and treats dispenser, from which you also can chat to your dog.

Access the camera via the app and see what your dog is doing. You can speak to them if they look lonely and even feed them treats. They will feel less lonely and you will feel less worried.

Read more about how smart technology can benefit you and your pets.

Smart lights

With smart lighting, you can turn your lights on and off as you choose via an app. So if you’re away or late home – you can make it look like someone is home, even though you're not.

You can also set timers with your smart lights to come on at set times in the day, helping to deter potential intruders.