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Top tech and smart gadgets for pets

By Marta Moses | Posted February 20, 2019

Our relationships with our pets are one of a kind – we care, we worry, we want the best for them. This bond is a beautiful one but it can also cause anxiety when we leave them at home, they go missing or they have a health scare.

So purr-haps we’d benefit from some smart pet toys? We're seeing more and more smart tech – from help at home with Alexa to smart garden gadgets, ways to improve security and just tech that's fun to play with. 

You’d be amazed at the tech out there that can enrich your pet’s life and put your concern (and curiosity) to rest. 

Worry about your dog when you’re away?

We’d all stay at home with our dogs, if we could, or take them with us wherever we go. But sadly, that’s not always possible. The worry about leaving your dog can be very distracting – however, this is where technology can be a real lifesaver.

Introducing Pawbo – a camera and treat dispenser, from which you can chat away to your dog! Simply access the camera via the app and see what your dog is up to. You can speak to them if they look lonely and even feed them treats. They will feel less lonely and you will feel less worried – so all round a win-win!

Want to keep an eye on your dog’s health?

Do you sometimes feel like you want an in-depth understanding of your dog’s fitness to make sure they’re healthy? Then FitBark is for you. Monitoring your dog’s activity and sleep – you can get a better picture of how healthy your furry friend is.

It’s a small, brightly coloured device that attaches to your dog’s collar and links to an app where you can access detailed information – such as steps, sleep quality and calories burned. Sounds paw-fect to us!

Want to keep neighbourhood cats out of your kitchen?

Finding one of the neighbourhood cats in your house thanks to an accessible catflap is annoying at best. At worst it can cause catfights, which no one wants to come home to.

SureFlap is a smart pet door – and an assured way to keep all cats out of your home apart from your own. The door works with your cat’s existing microchip – only allowing them to exit and enter.

We’re not kitten around – this smart tech will keep your cat safe and your home free of unwanted intruders.

Want to make sure your dog’s seen in the dark?

During the winter months, it can be a worry walking your dog in the dark. Make sure they’re seen from yards away with a bright LED collar. You might have spotted these around the park already and they really do work. Some flash, some are just a band of bright colour but they will give your dog the freedom to run around the park. You can also get LED leads, which are similarly iridescent.

Want to keep tabs on your tabby?

Cats love to roam. But it can be anxiety-provoking when they don’t come home at night. You can find and protect your kitty with this smart pet GPS tracker device Tabcat.
It’s lightweight and attaches to their collar. You’ll be able to track them via GPS wherever they go.