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A more direct way of doing business

By Marta Moses | Posted October 08, 2019

There is a new trend to do business more directly - and it's being led by small businesses. See how it's changing the way businesses like yours are comparing and buying their energy.

Small businesses have always been close to their customers and suppliers. Now, they're leveraging technology, data and innovation to speed up what's being called the 'direct' revolution.

Small manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and service providers - across diverse industries from electronics to food – are selling directly to customers. And to help them do business at speed, they're forging direct relationships with their suppliers.

We're helping more and more of you understand the benefits of buying your energy directly from us.

The five traits of businesses going direct

You may already be benefiting from doing business directly. If you're unsure, check whether you tick any of these traits:

  • You’re using online channels to get better deals done quicker
  • You’re leveraging data to make key decisions more accurately
  • You're looking for pricing models that offer certainty in volatile markets
  • You’re looking to switch to more efficient, more sustainable resources and practices to make savings and help reduce carbon emissions
  • You’re choosing partners who can help you innovate, one change at a time, without risking the hard-earned investment it takes

We're here not just for your energy but for your zero carbon journey!

We can help you on your business journey by offering you the opportunity to have a direct relationship with us as your energy supplier – for the long term.

  • You can find our best business electric and gas prices online. No haggle, no hustle, no hassle.
  • You can benefit from low-carbon electricity as part of your dual fuel tariff to reduce your emissions and improve your business’ sustainability credentials.
  • You can choose our fixed small business electricity and gas tariff. At EDF Energy, ‘fixed’ means fixed: no hidden charges, no fluctuations, no adjustments at the end of your business energy contract
  • You can benefit from a 7% discount for paying by Direct Debit
  • And you can manage your account online 24/7 directly, so it's quicker and easier, so you have more control


All it takes is 60 seconds to work with us directly

Get our best quote for your business electricity and gas supply in just 60 seconds. 

With a business to run, we understand your admin has to be done around your other priorities. So now you can get a quote when it suits you, without having to ring a call centre, wait on hold or haggle for the best price.

And, of course, once you decide to move your business energy to us, we look after the switch, allowing for a smooth transition without disruption to your business.

Go direct for a quote in 60 seconds.


A guide to buying your business energy direct

You can compare business energy tariffs on our website and find out where to start, how to switch and what to look out for. This means you can get the best deal quicker and get back to your business.


Our direct relationship with you goes beyond savings

Having a direct relationship with us means we can help you make changes to how your business uses energy or even generates it.

Everyone's welcome

Small businesses like yours are proving that doing business directly is more transparent, more responsive and more sustainable.

Working in partnership with you in the future, we can:

  • Give you the best deal on your business’ electricity and gas.
  • Advise your team on how you can use less energy and save more.
  • Help you innovate using your business’ energy differently, making just one change at a time.

You'll see the impact of these benefits on your business’ triple bottom line: with energy that’s good for your profit, good for your people and good for the planet.

To get started, get our best business energy quote in 60 seconds.