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Feed-in Tariff

Useful forms you may need to manage your FiT payments including;

  • Change of ownership
  • Change of bank details
  • If you nominate someone else to get the payment


If you've had renewable technology installed you can use our online application form to apply for the Feed-in Tariff scheme.

If you're registered for the Feed-in Tariff scheme and have sold your property, please complete our change of ownership vacating form (PDF) to transfer the ownership to the new owner.

If you've purchased a property that has renewable technology that is registered for Feed-in Tariffs, please complete our change of ownership form (PDF) to transfer the ownership of the system into your name.

Please complete our change of ownership deceased form (PDF) to transfer the ownership of the renewable system to an executor/ new owner.

In order to update your bank details for all future FIT payments please download and complete our change of bank details form (PDF). You will need to provide evidence of your new bank details in the form of copy of Bank statement or copy of a void cheque. This can either be scanned and emailed back to us at or posted to Freepost EDF, Customer Correspondence

If you'd like your FIT payments to be made to a third party, please complete our nominated recipient form (PDF).

If you've recently transferred your energy supply to EDF Energy and would like to transfer your FITs, please use our online application form.