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We understand the challenges that customers are currently facing. We've put together some information and links to available helpful resources below, which may offer extra support.

How can EDF support you?

1. Update your meter to a smart one

With rising prices, we're here to help you track your energy usage with a smart meter - see where you can save and lower your carbon footprint. The main benefits are; 

  • See exactly how much you’re spending on energy in real-time, in pounds and pence

  • You get access to our Energy Hub(1), which provides insight that can help you reduce your consumption

  • We'll automatically receive readings from your meter(2), so you only pay for the energy you use 

If you don’t already have a smart meter, you can book an installation through MyAccount. Can't find an appointment on the day you look? Simply come back tomorrow as we update appointments daily. 

I want a smart meter, but I have additional requirements. Who can I contact?
Give us a call on 0333 009 7000(3) to discuss your requirements. You can also find more about the smart meter support we give to customers in MyAccount.

2. Are you on the best tariff? Check if there is anything cheaper or more suitable for your needs

3. Is your home properly insulated? Visit our page to see if you're eligible to improve your insulation making your home more efficient and cosy. 

4. Have a look at our ECO4 Scheme. Eligible customers living in a home with a low EPC rating will be offered a package of free energy-saving measures and heating improvements. 

5. For hints and tips on how to reduce your consumption and save money, visit our dedicated energy efficiency section

What other Financial support is available?

Use IncomeMax’s’ Self Help Checklist to view more information on benefits and financial schemes that may be available to you.

The Money Helper website has lots of useful tools to help you make the right financial choices and access further support if you're worried about keeping up with essential bills and payments.

Further support

The government has compiled some helpful information on the support available during with the cost of living rise.

If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health there are some fantastic organisations who can help. Visit Mind or  Mental Health and Money Advice to  see what support is available.