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EDF Energy is constructing a new 1,300MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) power station at its West Burton site, which is located in Nottinghamshire, 39 miles from Nottingham.

"As Director of CCGT Construction for EDF Energy, I am excited to be involved in the construction of our new 3-unit 1300MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) power station adjacent our existing coal-fired power station at West Burton, Nottinghamshire.  Demand for lower carbon, secure and efficient power generation is increasing and the CCGT aims to meet these requirements. Once complete in 2012, the power station will generate enough electricity for approximately 1.5 million homes."

Graeme Bellingham, Director of CCGT Construction

For a guided tour round the CCGT construction site from our Head of Engineering, Andy Lowe, click here

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CCGT Site Pictures

EDF Energy is committed to keeping everyone informed about the progress of the Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Project 

In line with this commitment, please find links below a selection of Site Pictures

Aerial Pictures 2008 - 2011

Why was the West Burton site selected?
Evaluation of all relevant technical, environmental, economic and commercial factors showed this site to be suitable for the development of a gas fired power station as well as the fact that EDF Energy already own the land the power station is going to be constructed on.

The new power station at West Burton is highly suitable as a location for a new power station as it is already used for power generation and has much of the necessary infrastructure already available. The site had previously been identified by the Central Electricity Generating Board for the construction of an 1800MW coal station in the late 1980s. The proposed site is actually designated under the Bassetlaw District Local Plan Policy 2/12 which forbids the development of land within the site for anything other than power generation.

How many people will be employed during construction and operation?
The peak construction workforce for a 1300MW project is expected to be in excess of 1000 people. Operational staffing levels have not been determined but should be in excess of 40 permanent staff.

What fuel will be used?
Natural gas will be used at the new power station.

Who has been appointed as your EPC contractor?
EDF Energy has appointed EDF CIT (Centre d’Ingenierie Thermique) who are the Thermal Group within EDF Group based in Paris to act as Managing Contractor. In conjunction with other EDF CCGT projects, the West Burton project will be a part of a Group Procurement Strategy for all items of plant. The infrastructure connections of gas pipeline and electrical connection will be constructed under separate contracts.

Will the plant be safe?
CCGT technology is inherently safe. The plant will consist of advanced, yet proven technology with all necessary fire fighting equipment situated on site.

How many people will the new power station supply?
A power station of this size will provide sufficient supply equivalent to the requirements of approximately 1.5 million homes.

Will there be lots of additional construction traffic?
The construction of the power station will inevitably give rise to additional traffic. This will be integrated with the traffic movements of the existing power station to minimise the impact to local residents and road users. A Traffic Management Plan for the site, which has been agreed with the County Council, is already in place.

Will you be meeting with the local community as you progress with the power station?
EDF Energy is committed to keeping the public as well informed as possible about the project. To this end EDF Energy will maintain an ongoing public dialogue and information campaign (please see our quarterly newsletters) for the local public throughout the construction phase.

What wildlife will be impacted due to the construction of the power station?
There are specific planning conditions which mitigate any disturbance to local wildlife and Protected Species during construction and operation of the new power station.

CCGT Quarterly Resident Newsletters

EDF Energy is committed to keeping everyone informed about the progress of the Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Project.

In line with this commitment, EDF Energy distributes a quarterly newsletter to local residents.

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During the construction of the CCGT there will be many skilled workers onsite. Once their role is complete opportunities may arise with the following companies EDF Energy, EDF CIT, Amec. Click on the company names to see what opportunities could be round the corner.


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