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We operate two coal-fired power plants in the UK with a total capacity of 4.1 GW, undertaking base load (the load used for heating, lighting, compressors and pumps when there is no production) and cycling duties.

Cottam and West Burton in Nottinghamshire are both four-unit coal-fired plants, commissioned in 1970. Cottam has a capacity of 2,008MW and West Burton (which also has two open-cycle gas turbines) has a total registered capacity of 2,052MW. In the year ended December 2012, Cottam and West Burton power plants generated 22.8 TWh of electricity. Output from our plants supplies our residential and SME customers.

Coal »

How we buy coal and about our coal-powered stations.

Gas »

How we buy gas and about our gas-powered station.

West Burton Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Station »

We are constructing a new 1,300MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine power station.

Sutton Bridge B CCGT Public Consultation »

Review and give feedback on Sutton Bridge B.