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Location: Just south of Hartlepool, on the north east coast of England.

Reactor type: AGR

Net electrical output: 1180 MW. Hartlepool is capable of supplying nearly 2.5 million households.

No. of reactors: 2

Built: 1969-1984

Start of generation: 1 August 1983

Output for the year ended 31 December 2011: 7.4 TWh

Estimated decommissioning date: 2019

Address: EDF Energy, Hartlepool power station, Tees Road, Hartlepool TS25 2BZ.

Hartlepool reception: +44 (0)1429 853535

Hartlepool Station Director: Simon Parsons

Simon Parsons joined EDF Energy in 2010 as Head of Projects and Turbine Support Group, and during this time within projects has established an integrated delivery organisation building a strong foundation for the future to ensure we optimise our investment management. Previous to joining EDF Energy, Simon held key roles with Energy Solutions, including Project Director at Magnox North and Site Director at Trawsfynydd Decommissioning site in North Wales. Simon brings with him a wealth of operational and leadership experience, as well as a deep passion for nuclear safety and zero-harm into his new role.

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