3 Sep 19
Hunterston B - Graphite

Letter to the Hunterston Site Stakeholder Group - 3 September 2019

Dear SSG Member,

As a member of our community, I believe it is important to keep you updated on any developments at Hunterston B Power Station.

As I informed you in my letter of 27 August 2019 Hunterston B, Reactor 4/Turbine Generator 8 was safely and successfully resynchronised to the grid following the Office for Nuclear Regulation’s (ONR) decision to give permission for the unit to resume generating electricity.

In that letter I also committed to keep you updated on the progress of the safety case for Reactor 3, which has been undergoing rigorous review by the ONR.

After discussions with ONR we have agreed that some additional technical analysis will be completed to support the Reactor 3 safety case assessment; it is estimated that this additional work will be completed over the next six weeks.

Through our interactions with ONR, the steps required to complete the assessment of the Reactor 3 case have become much clearer, this has allowed the additional work and the assessment timescales to be better estimated.

Energy market rules require us to provide our most likely view of return to service dates. 

Consequently we have adjusted the return to service forecast date for Hunterston B Reactor 3 to the 15 January 2020.

More information regarding graphite can be found on our website.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions and I look forward to updating you further at our next meeting.

Colin Weir

Station Director