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EDF and Zenobē announce extended partnership and a new battery trading and optimisation contract

By EDF | Posted September 29, 2022
  • Renewed battery trading and optimisation contract announced between EDF and Zenobē for 59MW across three UK sites
  • New battery trading and optimisation contract announced between EDF and Zenobē for 12MW at the Waterside Innovation Hub in Swindon

Zenobē, the EV fleet and battery storage specialist, has selected EDF to continue to be the company’s partner of choice for trading and optimisation of its battery assets.

EDF and Zenobē have recently renewed their battery trading and optimisation contracts for 59MW consisting of the Claredown, Aylesford and Kings Barn battery assets. This means Zenobē will continue to have access to the full range of flexibility markets including the wholesale market and balancing mechanism, utilising EDF’s industry leading trading expertise.

The partners have also signed a new 12MW/24MWh trading and battery optimisation contract which forms part of the new zero carbon electricity infrastructure at the Waterside Innovation Hub, in Swindon. When the project goes live in early 2023, the battery will support the National Grid ESO by providing frequency balancing services and have access to the wholesale energy market and Balancing Mechanism, managed by EDF’s trading team. The deal enables Zenobē to work collaboratively with EDF’s trading team and select asset trading strategies in line with fast evolving market conditions. 

In addition, Zenobē’s 100MW battery in Capenhurst, that the partners contracted on in 2021, is planned to go live later this year. When fully operational, this will make the Capenhurst site the largest single battery to connect directly to the transmission system in Europe. EDF will optimise this asset for Zenobē which will enable access to a variety of revenue streams, including ancillary services such as Dynamic Containment and Balancing Mechanism as well as wholesale optimisation.

These Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) will help balance power generation with demand, lowering costs for consumers and provide a secure and reliable source of power. Zenobē currently has c.235 MW of contracted storage assets and is on track to have >1GW of battery storage by 2026.

EDF is a leading provider of route to market services for storage developers and investors and committed to the long-term future of energy storage systems.

Stuart Fenner, Head of Energy Trading Services at EDF said: “We are very pleased that the team at Zenobē have renewed existing trading and optimisation contracts with us and signed a new 12MW contract. EDF is committed to expanding the partnership with Zenobē further and we look forward to continuing to work together. This partnership will provide essential flexibility to the energy system and reinforces EDF’s commitment to helping Britain achieve net zero.”

James Basden, Co-Founder and Director of Zenobē, said:

“The EDF team delivers leading trading and optimisation services and brings a wealth of energy industry experience, providing valuable expertise on the market and industry regulation. Battery storage projects like these are essential in balancing the grid, making clean, affordable power accessible, and enabling the UK to reach its climate goals.”


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EDF Media Team
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Zenobē press team: | 07811 042 863

About EDF

EDF is helping Britain achieve Net Zero by leading the transition to a cleaner, low emission electric future and tackling climate change. It is the UK’s largest producer of low-carbon electricity(1), meeting around one-fifth of the country’s demand and supplying millions of customers with electricity and gas.

It generates low carbon electricity from six nuclear power stations and more than thirty onshore wind farms and two offshore wind farms, and operates one coal power station, EV charge-points, and combined heat and power plants.

EDF is leading the UK's nuclear renaissance with the construction of a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point C, and is leading the development of plans for a replica at Sizewell C in Suffolk. Hinkley Point C and Sizewell C will provide low carbon electricity to meet 14% of UK demand and power around 12 million homes.

EDF also invests in a range of low carbon technologies including renewables, solar and battery storage. The company’s largest offshore wind farm is currently being built in Scotland and the 450 MW Neart na Gaoithe project will be ready in 2023. It is applying research and development expertise to improve the performance of existing generation and developing the potential of new technologies.

EDF is helping its customers, both in business and at home, take their first steps to sustainably powering their lives. Whether it is buying an electric car, generating and storing electricity or selling energy back to the grid. EDF is one of the largest suppliers to British business and a leading supplier of innovative energy solutions that are helping businesses become more energy independent. In addition, the company’s energy services business, Imtech, is one of the largest technical service providers in the UK and Ireland.

EDF is part of EDF Group, the world’s biggest electricity generator. In the UK, the company employs around 13,000 people at locations across England and Scotland.

About Zenobē Energy Ltd. (Zenobē):

Zenobē is an international EV fleet and battery storage specialist, headquartered in the UK with operations in Europe and Australasia. It has c.235 MW of contracted storage assets and 1GW in development, around 25% market share of the UK EV bus sector and c.540 electric vehicles contracted globally. The company is the largest owner and operator of EV buses in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Zenobēs fleet solution is driving the adoption of electric vehicles and reducing emissions from the transport and logistics sectors. Its ETaaS (Electric Transport-as-a-Service) solution provides fleet operators and local authorities with a full solution for a pay-per-month fee including charging infrastructure, battery replacement and award-winning software.  The company’s pioneering battery storage offering enables power grid operators to provide clean, secure and affordable power, accelerating the global transition to Net Zero energy systems. Zenobē is also a leader in repurposing EV batteries after their first life, providing incremental power solutions to large business and the film and events industries.

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