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Apply for a new electricity connection

Use this simple form to request a meter
installation at your site.

Please note that if you do not have the cabling in place to support your new meter then you should contact your local Distribution Network Operator.

You should only complete this form if you wish EDF to be your electricity supplier.

To complete the New Connection Application form (below) you will need:

Important Notice for New Connections: Unmetered Supplies Regulatory Update

As of 1 April 2024 Ofgem has mandated that any new Unmetered Supplies (UMS) connection MPANs will have to be Half Hourly settled.

Please note that if you require further information on a new connection you should contact the Unmetered Supplies Operator to ensure that your UMS Certificates for new UMS Inventories are Half Hourly settled.

For more information, please visit the UMSO website 

  • Safety - COVID-19
    The safety of our engineers is at the forefront of any appointments booked. Please make sure you accurately complete the COVID safety questions at the end of the form and include any supporting instructions. This will also help us manage our engineers' time for any delays.

  • Your MPAN
    This will be provided by your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) once you have agreed a quote for your new supply. Each area of the UK has a different distribution company that looks after the cable network in that area. A list of DNOs can be found here.

  • Size of supply, KVA and Voltage
    You can find the size and type of supply being installed on the paperwork from the DNO.
     -Supplies 100 amps or smaller: We will need the size of the supply in amps and the voltage.
     -Supplies larger than 100 amps, Low Voltage We will need the size of the supply in amps, the KVA*, the Voltage and CT** ratios.
     -Supplies larger than 100 amps, High Voltage or Extra High Voltage: We will need the size of the supply in amps, the KVA, the Voltage, the CT ant VT ratios and if there are any additional metering requirements.
    *KVA is the measurement for your agreed supply capacity. The amount required for your cable installation work is agreed between you and the DNO for your area.
    **You can find out your CT ratio by speaking to your DNO. This size of supply will require Half Hourly CT metering and you will need to have set up a Half Hourly metering contract

  • Type of metering required
    We will need to know the type of meter you would like installed. This will depend on the size of your supply, the voltage and your requirements. If you're a Micro Business requesting a PC1-4 new connection, EDF are obliged to offer you a smart meter. If you have any questions about this, call us on 0845 366 3664 (option 1)(1).

  • Distribution Network Operator
    For Half Hourly CT metering your DNO will usually give a named contact for the project. We need the name and contact details of this person, and the reference number for the project

  • Meter Operator
    You will need to set up a contract with your chosen metering company which covers the supply and maintenance of the meter. The charge for this varies between meter operators. 

    EDF offers this service. You can email or call 0845 300 8122 (option 1) to discuss. Alternatively, other metering companies can be found on the Association of Meter Operators website. We'll need to know who your chosen meter operator is on the application form. Without a metering agreement, we can't install a meter.

  • Site Contact Details
    We will need the name, contact number and email address of the best person to speak to on the day of the metering appointment, in case your engineer has any issues e.g. site access.
  • Bill payer
    We will need the details of the company who will be responsible for paying the electricity bills and the name and contact details of the person responsible for any account related queries.
  • Your details
    We will need details of the person completing the application form. If this is not someone employed directly by the bill paying company, then the form will need to be accompanied by a letter of authority from the bill payer.

Thank you for approaching the EDF commercial team for a new connection. While we work to support clients during an unprecedented increase in applications, lead times are currently longer then we would like, you may experience some delays. We are working hard to ensure applications are processed as quickly as possible and apologise in advance for any delays.

Lead times for all metering appointments are approximately 20 working days from the returned signed supply contract.

Please note if your supply is 72kva or smaller, whole current and you do not have supplies or an agreement with large commercial already, please contact and do not fill out the form below.

If you have an urgent question, please contact the team


New connection for your business electricity supply

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