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Plan: Non-energy costs explained


  • Your non-energy costs made simple
  • Your key non-energy costs at a glance
  • The most frequently asked non-energy question
  • The 15-seconds non-energy cost challenge

OK, let's talk non-energy costs...

First, your non-energy costs made simple

Your non-energy costs now make up more than half of any business’ energy bill. What’s important to know is that they cover the cost of generating your energy and the system that gets it to businesses all around the country. Let’s bust the complex jargon and simplify them so you understand where the majority of your energy spending is going.


Your key non-energy costs at a glance

Here’s a quick cheat sheet to remind you of some of the key non-energy costs in your bill.

Save a handy reminder?

So, why do different suppliers charge different prices for the same non-energy costs?

Fiona Cormack, Senior Sales Enablement Manager at EDF, answers that most frequently asked question. And while she explains, she makes your NECs as simple as your ABCs.


Contracts for Difference


Feed in Tariff




Renewable Obligation


Distribution Use of System




Balancing Services Use of System


Transmission Network Use of System



Capacity Market Supplier Charge

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