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Sorry, we can't access your loft safely

Our installers' safety is always a top priority, and we need your loft to be safe and large enough to access to be eligible for loft insulation. 

So, currently, your home isn't suitable for loft insulation based on your selections. However, you can still improve the energy efficiency of your home. See if cavity wall insulation is an option for your home instead. 

Other ways to make your home energy efficient

cavity wall insulation being pumped

Cavity wall insulation

Does your home have cavity walls?

Looking for an affordable way to cut your energy bills and keep your home warm? 

Good cavity wall insulation can cut your energy bills by up to £690 a year.(1)

air source heat pump in modern garden

Air source heat pumps

Update your heating system to an efficient alternative that helps reduce your carbon footprint and save energy.  

You could get a £5000 government grant to help you with the installation of an air source heat pump.