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Your loft is already well insulated

Good news! You're already stopping lots of heat from escaping with your current loft insulation, helping you save money and energy.

As your loft insulation is over 200mm thick, you won't see much extra benefit by installing more. So, at this time your home isn't suitable for more loft insulation

You can still improve your home's energy efficiency even further, see some of your potential options below. 

Make your home even more energy efficient

cavity wall insulation being pumped

Cavity wall insulation

Does your home have cavity walls?

Looking for an affordable way to cut your energy bills and keep your home nice and cosy? 

Good cavity wall insulation can cut your home's heat loss by up to 33%.(1)

air source heat pump in a garden

Air source heat pumps

Update your heating system to an efficient alternative that helps reduce your carbon footprint and save energy.  

You could get a £5000 government grant to help you with the installation of an air source heat pump.