Understanding your bill

A utility bill is any bill you receive for gas, electricity or water. The bill you will receive from EDF will only be for gas and electricity. 

You'll receive different kinds of bills depending on what payment method you chose when you signed up with us. You will find your payment method on page 2 of your bill. 

Below you'll find the different payment types and the kinds of bills you will receive:


Budget Direct Debit

This means you pay a set amount each month by direct debit. You might receive two types of bill from us if you are on this payment method: Periodic and Interim. 

Periodic - this is sent at the end of your annual billing period. 

Interim -  this is sent when we get an actual reading from your meter during the year.  


Cash or Cheque

This means you pay a set amount each quarter or each month when you receive a reminder. You’ll receive two types of documents from us: your read reminder and your bill.

Read reminder - this is sent to remind you to send us an up-to-date meter reading. 

Your bill - this is sent to you when we have a meter read. If we haven’t had an actual read in about a year, then we’ll send you an estimated bill.

Direct Debit Whole Amount

 This means you pay a set amount each quarter or each month by direct debit. The amount you pay is based on your meter readings. If we don't have meter readings from you, we will collect the suggested amount from your bank account.

Same as paying by cash or cheque, you’ll receive two types of documents: your read reminder and your bill. 


 This means you pay as you go for your energy by topping up your EDF Energy prepayment key and/or card. You don’t receive bills requesting payments.

You will receive regular statement showing you how much you’ve spent on your electricity and/or gas during the period.


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Bills sent out before 31 March 2014

For information on bills sent out before 31 March 2014, you can use our interactive guides.

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Still got questions?

Have a look at our full PDF guide to understanding your gas and electricity bill for more information.