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Smart devices for your bathroom

By Laura Davies | Posted June 18, 2018

Haven’t we all dreamed of a futuristic bathroom? Well that dream can now become a reality – we've found weird and wonderful of smart home gadgets designed just for your bathroom. Deluxe waterproof stereos, digital shower curtains, and even talking toilets are smart devices waiting for you to make your house a futuristic smart home.

Bathroom privacy glass

We all want privacy when we shower – but don't want to cut out all the natural light. So here's the answer: adhesive film. This material can be sized to any window, and when plugged in makes the glass transparent or opaque at the touch of an app. Handy!

Steam Shower

Want a steam but don't want to go to the gym? An in-home steam room can the ultimate luxury. You just have to travel to your bathroom to enjoy muscle relaxing warmth.

Chromotherapy lights

These colourful lights change colour underwater in your bath. They are said to have meditative effects and you can change the colour to suit your mood. If you're a fan of long soaks – this could make your bath time all the more relaxing.

Waterproof music

Need a little in-shower entertainment? Get your favourite band playing in your bathroom. You can go for waterproof blue tooth speakers, a waterproof phone propped in the shower, a waterproof radio or an MP3 player you can dunk in the bath and it will still work perfectly.

Smart toilet

There are many features of smart toilets – some for luxury and others to help you keeping your plumbing healthy. Out of many of the possible extras, we liked the heated seating, foot warmers, automatic flush, self-cleaning features and built-in sensors that alert you to possible tank leaks. Who knew a bathroom could be so clever?

Towel Warming Drawer

Sounds simple? Yet sometimes little luxuries are the best. The drawer makes sure your towels are toasty when you step out of the shower.

Vanity Mirror TV

This mirror has a surprise inside – a TV set within the glass. Now that's futuristic. There's plenty of space for all your beauty products on the shelves and when you don't want to watch it – you can just turn it off.