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Six amazing solar powered gadgets

By Laura Davies | Posted November 01, 2017

We can all be greener – even if it’s in small ways. Channeling the power of the sun is a fantastic way to use free, renewable energy in your home. In fact, you could start using solar energy today without spending a fortune on technology. Here are six solar powered gadgets you can use immediately and start saving energy today.

1. Solar powered phone chargers

We've all been stuck with a dead phone and no power socket in sight so why not get green by powering your phone with solar energy? There’s a few different chargers on the market – but all will power your phone with free, renewable energy. The Travel Solar Charger from Mobile Solar Chargers is affordable, portable and easy to use.

2. Solar backpacks

A great way to charge your devices while on the go. There’s a massive choice of solar backpacks on the market to meet all kinds of needs. One of 2017’s favourites though comes from Chinese manufacturer Eceen. This solar backpack combines high charging efficiency with lightweight good looks.

3. Speakers

The Eton Rugged Ruckus is a solar-powered, Bluetooth-ready, smartphone charging speaker that combines superb sound quality, portability and affordability with a cool name. Perfect for those with an active, outdoor lifestyle it’s water resistant and drop-proof. Great for camping or hanging out by the pool in summer.

4. Water bottles

The amazing Lightcap is a water bottle that collects sun during the day, then turns into a light at night. The ultimate camping essential.

5. Headphones

The world’s first wireless solar powered headphones from Helios draw power from a photovoltaic cell on the top of the headset – no more dangling, no more tangling, just cord free music in a stylish package.

6. Solar powered bricks for gardens

A smart and simple way to light up your path or patio. You can pave your drive or garden path with solar lights. Paverlight solar bricks are easy to install, requiring no external wiring at all. They come in standard paving brick size and are tough enough to comfortably withstand the weight of your vehicle.

As you can see, solar energy is the new black. There’s so many new gadgets and appliances using the power of solar. If you’re interested in getting solar energy for your home, visit our page on getting solar panels.

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