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Personalise your smart home

By Marta Moses | Posted October 17, 2018

Smart tech products are making smart homes an affordable reality for a growing number of people. In this useful guide, we'll take you through some of the products available out there that can help you to create your personalised smart home.

Smart plugs

Smart Wifi plugs are a cheap and simple way to take your first step towards a smart home. They enable you to control all your electronic devices from your smartphone, wherever you are. With the remote control of your appliances, you can turn off your hair straighteners from the bus, turn lights on and off so your home looks busy when you're away and even pair your smart Wifi plug with Amazon Echo for effortless voice control.

Smart thermostat

The Netatmo Smart Thermostat device gives you full control over your heating system anywhere via your smartphone or tablet. It can help you use energy more efficiently by creating a smart heating schedule based on your habits. And it pairs easily with your Amazon Echo for simple voice control too.

Amazon Echo

Amazon's amazing home hub acts as your own personal assistant. Among its many functions, it can control compatible smart lights, switches, TVs thermostats and more at the command of your voice. 

Smart lighting

Control your lights from wherever you are via your home hub to suit your mood or your schedule. Smart light bulbs are also all LED which means they are more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs.

Create the perfect ambience or set your lights to come on when you're away with the Philip Hue Starter Kit. 

Smart stuff for your bathroom

In addition to smart heating and lighting, there are some really interesting products available to make your bathroom smarter. Such as the JBL clip 4 waterproof mini-speaker and the Nokia Body BMI WiFi scales. Soon, smart mirrors with touchscreen technology and voice control will make bath time a fully interactive experience!

Smart security

DIY, wireless, app-controlled home security systems are making it easier to make your home safer and smarter too. They are adaptable for all kinds of homes and will integrate with smart heating and lighting systems.

You can get both indoor security cameras and outdoor security cameras – each for slightly different purposes. You're able to see exactly what's going on in or outside of your home from your smartphone or tablet. You get alerts when people, cars, or alarms are present and can modify your settings to suit your home.

Smart Solar

If you have a solar PV system, a smart solar monitor like the geo Solo can maximise its efficiency. Know how much your system is earning through the Government's Feed-In-Tariff (FIT), how much CO2 you're saving or find out the best times to turn on your appliances to make the most of the free energy your system generates..

Smart pet

Worried your dog might be lonely while you're out? Furbo is a smart, two-way, interactive dog camera that lets you see and talk to your pets via your smartphone and even reward them by tossing treats.

Smart cleaning

Robot vacuum cleaners like the Neato Botvac D10 can clean your home while you're doing something more interesting. Your vacuum bot is controlled via an app on your smartphone or tablet and you can monitor its progress on your screen from anywhere.