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Should you trust energy saving tips on social media?

By EDF | Posted May 11, 2023

Millions of Brits are turning to social media for advice on how to save energy and cut down on bills

Over two thirds of Brits are concerned that bad energy saving advice on social media can be dangerous, but 12% admit they followed an energy saving tip from social media as it was trending. 

For Gen Z and Millennial renters and homeowners the number is even higher, with over a third using social media platforms for advice on how to cut down their energy bills.

Research has found that Gen Z are the most likely to give social content creators the benefit of the doubt, with over half admitting they would try an energy saving tip seen on social media they were uncertain was going to work, compared to the national average of 25%.

But are these 'hacks' really effective at saving you money? Take our energy advice quiz to find out!

So, what can you do to make sure you’re really saving money on your energy bill? 

The truth is that, while popular energy-saving hacks like bleeding a radiator or only boiling the water you need in the kettle can help you save, people are overestimating the amount saved by almost 50%! 

EDF’s Energy Hub is here to help. By showing you exactly where you’re using the most energy, Energy Hub gives you personalized insight into how to control your energy costs - all for free! 

Our smart meters make tracking your energy usage effortless. They're installed at no extra cost and provide automatic readings displayed in the Energy Hub through MyAccount or the EDF app. You can also find out if you're eligible for The Great British Insulation Scheme which helps customers insulate their homes for futher cost cuts. 

Take control of your energy today.