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EDF UK R&D Net Zero Heroes: Frank Tutu

By EDF Energy Customer Team | Posted January 10, 2023

Climate change is one of the most significant challenges we face but we can all make a difference. In the summer of 2020, EDF launched its company purpose ‘Helping Britain achieve Net Zero’ and CEO Simone Rossi set out how all employees can play their part.

We recognise that the work we do makes us all Net Zero Heroes and this is particularly true in R&D.

Lead Research Engineer Frank Tutu is one of our Net Zero Heroes, find out how his job in R&D is helping Britain achieve Net Zero.

How long have you worked at EDF, and how long in R&D?

I've been at EDF UK for about 6 years now, and all of that time within R&D. My time within the Smart Customers team has afforded me the opportunity to see exploratory projects develop into concrete action plans that the business can leverage.

What is your role within R&D and how does it help Britain achieve Net Zero?

Starting out in R&D, I was initially tasked with looking into the concept of smart cities, and then, later on, had the opportunity to support the development of hydrogen projects for EDF with internal and external stakeholders. My current role within the Zero Carbon Applications team is to lead on Mobility & Transport Decarbonisation. This involves working collaboratively across teams to research the value chain for hydrogen mobility and fleet electrification and develop strategies and business models for customers, in a way that delivers value to the business. The work the R&D team is engaged in with EDF stakeholders and the Customers EV team supports the key priorities within the business that are driving Britain's march to Net Zero.

What do you like best about working in EDF UK R&D?

There is a sense that one is making a contribution to achieving Net Zero, however small, which is really encouraging. I particularly enjoy the flexibility that enables us to work on diverse projects and pursue interests in emerging technologies. But perhaps most importantly, the best part about working in R&D over the last few years has been seeing the programme of projects over the years build on top of each other to deliver value and support decision-making within the business.

What’s your favourite of the projects you’ve worked on in the last year?

This year has seen the team work on a number of externally funded projects, but one that stands out to me was the H2GVMids project. H2GVMids was a feasibility study project to carry out pre-deployment work on a hydrogen fuel cell truck demonstration in the Midlands. The project was linked to major development work in Teesside that EDF Renewables and Hynamics are carrying out, and in some respects has been the springboard to new R&D work on the decarbonisation of ports and aviation.