Investment in nuclear power at Hinkley Point C brings 200 jobs to Wales

A new factory in North Wales will make Hinkley Point C’s pipework, creating 200 jobs.

The Boccard factory at Broughton in North Wales is being opened by Hinkley Point C’s Delivery Director Nigel Cann today (Tuesday).

The news is the latest investment in Wales due to the new Somerset nuclear power station.

It follows contracts for 160 Welsh companies already worth £225m and comes on the same day that the Government announced its investment in Sizewell C, the near-identical project to Hinkley Point C, promising more jobs and energy security for Britain.

On opening the new facility, Nigel Cann, Hinkley Point C Delivery Director, commented: “Hinkley Point C provides over 25,000 job opportunities across the UK and will invest £18 billion into the UK supply chain.

“We have strong links with Wales, with Welsh workers dominant on the construction site. The factory here at Broughton allows our partner Boccard to create quality products with a skilled workforce for Hinkley Point C and follow-on projects.

“I am very happy to be here at the start of the great opportunity this factory and the product it produces offers.”

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