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Letter: EDF ready for the next phase of Hinkley Point

By Hinkley Point C media team | Posted March 31, 2016

Vincent de Rivaz, CEO of EDF Energy, writes to the Editor of the Financial Times


Your front page report “EDF dissidents urge delay to Hinkley Point nuclear project” (March 30) refers to an alleged document which you say is unsigned, so your readers cannot judge whether or not it has any credibility. However, I am happy to state the facts clearly and on the record. 

EDF has already delivered, over many years, a remarkable set of achievements which are the foundations for the project. 

In 2012, the UK nuclear regulator approved the design of the European Pressurised Reactor; in the same year, HPC was granted a nuclear site licence; in 2013, we were given planning consent and the contract for difference was agreed with the UK government. This contract was scrutinised and approved by the European Union in 2014; we signed a strategic investment partnership with our Chinese partners in 2015. 

EDF has recently been through a thorough risk review which is a normal process for any industrial project of this magnitude. EDF is therefore ready to go ahead with the next phase of this huge undertaking as soon as the final investment decision triggers it. As I said categorically at the energy and climate change select committee hearing last week, this project will go ahead and the investment decision will be made very soon. 

EDF is fully confident that it will deliver this project on time and on budget, thanks to the intense preparation of our committed and accountable engineering teams, the involvement of our supply chain, the experience gained from other projects and the unwavering engagement of many stakeholders, locally and nationally. 

Hinkley Point C will be operational in 2025. EDF has no plan whatsoever to change this date. HPC will provide low-carbon, reliable and competitive electricity at the very time the country needs it and will play a decisive role in Britain’s low-carbon energy mix for generations to come. 

Vincent de Rivaz
Chief Executive, EDF Energy

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