Press release: Hinkley Point C risk review

Yannick d'Escatha is a renowned expert in the nuclear field. At the end of 2015, EDF Chairman Jean-Benard Lévy asked him to work on the HPC project risk review ahead of the final decision regarding the investment for Hinkley Point C. He conducted this review with the help of 5 EDF experts independent from the project. Yesterday he was asked about his review on behalf of EDF staff. He said:

"Our task was to review the risks. Evidently any project involves risk. The key is to put them under control.

"We did not find any major risks which had not been identified already and dealt with. But in our view, measures to mitigate these risks could be strengthened to further de-risk the project.

"We judged that these risks had been accurately identified and they can be overcome as long as all the safety measures that we recommend are implemented. So from the viewpoint of the risks and under these conditions – the project can be launched."

EDF Group Chairman Jean-Bernard Lévy talked about the review  in his recent letter to staff. He said:

"Contractual and commercial aspects have been thoroughly examined, including by independent experts, and allow us to be confident to definitively launch the project. A risk review completed at the end of 2015 established that the risks are well known and can be overcome through the implementation of a series of recommendations. I have decided to implement all of these recommendations. Other risk analyses will take place throughout the project, which is a usual practice for projects of this magnitude."

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