National Apprenticeship Week 2021

Today marks the start of National Apprenticeship Week 2021. Bringing together apprenticeship ambassadors, MPs, training providers, apprentices, parents and employers, National Apprenticeship Week highlights the work being done across the whole apprenticeship community to promote apprenticeships and their impact.

So far, the Hinkley Point C Project has created over 700 apprenticeships and our aspiration is to create 1,000 over the course of the construction phase of the project. The wide range of skills needed to build the power station means there really is opportunity for everyone. Apprentices will also play a crucial role in operating and maintaining Hinkley Point C throughout its 60 years of operation.

Key to Hinkley Point C’s success is the ability to give our people the knowledge, expertise and experience demanded by a new generation of new nuclear build projects.

Leonie Smith, Skills Project Specialist at EDF, said: “We want to build a community for all the apprentices at Hinkley Point C, so they can meet with others going through similar experiences and everyone knows where to access support and services.”

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