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Hinkley Point C’s spending in the North of England tops £1bn

By Hinkley Point C media team | Posted June 11, 2021

Image: During a visit to Darchem’s Stillington factory, EDF CEO Simone Rossi and Hinkley Point C MD Stuart Crooks met 21-year-old apprentice Declan Gordon from Hartlepool – one of the hundreds of workers engaged in the construction of Hinkley Point C.

Hinkley Point C’s spending with businesses in the North of England has topped £1bn, according to latest figures from the new nuclear project.

The numbers come in Hinkley Point C’s “2021 Socio-Economic Impact Report” which shows spending of £1.1bn with more than 500 companies in the North-East, North-West, Yorkshire and Humber.

The figures were highlighted by EDF’s Chief Executive Simone Rossi on a visit yesterday (9 June) to Darchem engineering near Stockton-on-Tees. The company employs hundreds of people on major contracts to build specialised tanks, stainless steel liners and other precision equipment for the plant in Somerset. The work has played a key role in sustaining the business during the pandemic.

The socio-economic report shows that Hinkley Point C will support 71,000 jobs in Britain.  These include new jobs recently created at Jarrow in South Tyneside where 40 new roles are being hired by KAEFER for specialised steel ductwork. On Humberside, Bilfinger is opening a new factory for high quality pipework as part of a contract expected to employ 350 people across Britain.

Darchem has recently moved manufacturing of eight 100 tonne tanks for the project from the site in Somerset to a factory in Middlesbrough, driving efficiency with modular construction close to home. Experience gained on the first reactor unit at Hinkley Point C is also helping Darchem boost productivity. Its work to install ten tonne sump suction lines was done 40% faster on the second reactor unit – demonstrating the benefits of replication.

During the visit to Darchem’s Stillington factory, Simone Rossi and Hinkley Point C Managing Director Stuart Crooks met workers, including 21-year-old apprentice Declan Gordon from Hartlepool.

EDF CEO Simone Rossi said: “Hundreds of companies across the North of England are helping Britain achieve Net Zero with the first nuclear power station for a generation at Hinkley Point C. This effort is creating thousands of quality jobs and allowing businesses to invest in skills, productivity and industrial capacity.

“Continued progress on the follow-on Sizewell C project is essential to give suppliers confidence to carry on investing in skills and creating jobs. “

Cameron Gilmour of Doosan Babcock, from the Sizewell C Consortium of 200 British firms, said: “These figures show just how much new nuclear can deliver for British businesses, jobs and industry. That’s why our members are united in making the case for Sizewell C and why sign off from the government on the project will mean our expert supply chain can continue the positive economic legacy of Hinkley Point C here in the North of England.”


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