Hinkley Point C on track to reach key milestone

Hinkley Point C is on track to reach a key milestone, J0, which is when we’ll pour the final concrete of the common raft – the reactor’s main foundations.

‘Jalon Zero’ (J0) is a French term meaning ‘milestone zero’. At Hinkley Point C it refers to the point where we’ll start building the nuclear power station’s structures above ground.

The journey to J0 so far has been a monumental effort. A total of 5.6 million m3 of rock was excavated for the deep dig and 9,800m3 of concrete has been poured so far. We’ve completed the pre-stressing gallery and civil construction is well underway for the pump house and common raft.

The common raft is the base of the Unit 1 reactor, made of reinforced concrete. It has embedded pipework, tanks and fixings for equipment and ensures the stability of the reactor, safeguard and fuel buildings that all rest upon it. It’s designed to withstand accidental incidents, earthquakes, aircraft strikes and an explosion or fire.

Martin Burke, Bylor Construction Manager, said: “The final concrete pour of more than 9,000m3 of concrete will be the biggest in the UK and will take five days. This has always been a major project milestone – all eyes are on us, and we’re confident we’re going to meet this goal.”

Posted by Hinkley Point C media team

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