Hinkley Point C helps Fare Share keep cool

During the pandemic demand for food from more vulnerable people has spiked and Hinkley Point C has been able to help. We've made a chiller van available to Fare Share to help them with the distribution of food throughout the South West.

Fare Share is the UK's national network of charitable food redistributors, they take perfectly good, surplus food, from across the food industry, and redistribute to almost 11,000 frontline charities and community groups. 

Phoebe Ruxton Fare Share SW Head of Development said "At a time when the pressure on our work has dramatically increased, having the support of companies like EDF makes all the difference to the positive impact we can make in our community. By staying actively engaged in the challenges we are facing, their team has identified solutions they can help with by loaning a chiller van for us to use during the peak of the crisis. The new van will enable us to provide food for up to 7,000 meals every week to charities, schools and community groups working on the front line to tackle hunger during the pandemic. We are hugely grateful for their support."

Dave Barrett, Hinkley Point C Facilities Manager said " We're proud with the support of our contract partners to be able to provide support to a charity that's helping so many people in the South West during these challenging times”.

Posted by Hinkley Point C media team

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