Finding sustainable solutions: Fully-electric excavator goes on trial

When it comes to sustainable construction, electric excavators are set to be the next big thing – which is why we’ve been trialling the industry’s first-ever, fully-electric mini excavator.

JCB is leading the way in cleaner technology to reduce harmful emissions, particularly in air quality-sensitive environments and enclosed spaces. The new excavator is the first in its E-TEC range – a new generation of products with zero emissions at point of use. It is six decibels quieter than the diesel variant and burns no fossil fuel, so it’s better for air quality and people’s health.

It’s also capable of a full day’s work on a single charge through our electric supply from Hinkley Point B, with the Construction Operations Management Alliance (COMA) putting the 1.8-tonne demo machine through its paces on-site for a week.

James Wickenden, Site Operations Environmental Lead, said: “It has potential for backfill works in confined spaces in the galleries and elsewhere due to its zero emissions.

“EDF Energy is obviously committed to leading the decarbonisation of the electricity sector and achieving a net zero environmental impact, and there’s no reason why construction can’t move in that direction too.

“We wanted to try the excavator early on as part of our commitment to lead in sustainability. Although demand for these machines is going to be very high, this particular excavator is too small for the majority of our needs at Hinkley Point C. However, once bigger machines become available they’ll be brilliant for all our general earthmoving needs on the project.”

Posted by Hinkley Point C media team

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