Coronavirus update from Hinkley Point C – 19 October

By Nigel Cann - Construction Delivery Director, Hinkley Point C

In my last update, I said that I would keep you up to date with any developments concerning Hinkley Point C and Coronavirus. Since then things have moved quickly and the Government has announced a number of new measures to fight the pandemic during this second wave.

Although infections levels in our region remain low, we are not complacent. We recently introduced extra measures on site to keep the workforce and community safe. Our testing regime and track and trace system have helped us identify cases early and to break the chain of infection. All new starters are tested before they join the project. Temperature checks, extra cleaning, social distancing and mask wearing all remain in force to prevent the spread of infection.

Now we intend to go further. In my conversations with community leaders, I know there has been concern about workers coming to the site from areas of high infection. As a result, we are increasing our testing capability so that we will soon be able to test workers returning from high risk areas. They will be able to get a test and their result without the need to leave their car. Anyone who gets a positive test result will be supported to safely transfer to self-isolation in line with the current Government advice.

I am pleased that Public Health England has recently commended the behaviour of our workforce. People have self-isolated as soon as they started showing symptoms, got tested and continued to self-isolate until their test results were known. I know that  personal behaviours on and off site are of paramount importance and this is a key focus of our communication with employees. Our new team of “Covid champions” is now at work, helping to reinforce safe behaviours. However asymptomatic carriers may not realise that they carry the infection. That is why we are now introducing random testing as an extra part of our testing regime.

As always, I will keep you updated on our progress in the weeks to come. Please do stay safe and continue to get in touch with myself and the team if you have any concerns. If you want to see what Hinkley Point C looks like under Covid-19 conditions, we have made a short film which you can watch above.

Nigel Cann
Construction Delivery Director, Hinkley Point C