Community update - site incident 10 June

Some of you may have heard about an incident that took place on the site yesterday morning in our concrete making area. Fortunately nobody was hurt and there was no risk to health or the environment. I want to give you more information on this, because our aim is always to be open with the local community.

At around half past seven on Wednesday morning one of the silos in our concrete making area failed and the material in the silo fell to the floor. The material is called ground granulated blast furnace slag and it’s a normal part of the mix used to make concrete. It’s not harmful to people and because it’s a fine, light powder it made a visible cloud of dust after falling. Our on-site emergency teams attended and they quickly confirmed that no-one was injured and everyone was safe.

The temporary concrete making plant and the materials used are no different to a concrete plant anywhere else in the country. It is not part of the permanent power station we are building and there is nothing nuclear about it.

Hinkley Point C and its construction partner BYLOR have begun a joint investigation and will consult closely with the silo’s manufacturer and an independent third party. The findings will be shared in case there are lessons that will benefit the wider construction industry. EDF and BYLOR are determined to make the construction industry as safe as possible and the opportunity for learning will not be lost. I hope you’ll contact us if you have any concerns.

Nigel Cann
Construction Delivery Director, Hinkley Point C

Updated at 3pm